Theatre Makeup Classes

February 4th: Registration for Theatre Makeup Classes.

$25 for each class or $80 for all 4 classes (does not include makeup kits; see below).

Registration will be held from 11 am - 2 pm


Historic Red River County Chamber of Commerce

101 N Locust

Clarksville, TX.


4 classes on Saturdays over the year:

Basic Corrective & Face Shaping, March 25th

Old Age & Wigs, July 22nd

Blood & Guts, September 2nd

Fantasy, November 11th


Family rates and scholarships may be available.


Makeup kits are estimated at the following prices:

Basic Corrective palette: $15 (one palette; no base or brushes)

Creme Makeup Kit: $65 (if you want your own kit and are doing any class besides the Basic Corrective class this is the kit you will need)


For those interested in just the class but do not want their own makeup kit to take home or use, there will be kits available to share during instruction and implementation.


Each class will have 1 - 2 hours instruction and 1 - 2 hours implementation. Estimated times are 11 am - 2 pm with an hour for lunch at 12 pm.